Hey, I'm Pat!
I'm a Product Designer who focuses on crafting digital products with a user-centered approach. For the past 7 years, I've helped businesses turn their visions into well-crafted experiences that aim to remove any sources of friction throughout a user's journey.
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Selected Works



Cellebrite is transforming the way digital forensics shapes investigations with their end to end solutions. This website redesign sets out to tell the story of digital intelligence and how they can help law enforcement and military serve the innocent.

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Web & Mobile

Medline Skin Health

With the goal of housing all of Cellebrite's press related content our team built this dynamic page that user's can access for any information and tools related to press.

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Flexible Fitness

A personalized fitness experience that allows you to track and monitor diet, exercise, and more. I played a major role in the redesign of onboarding experience and user interface of entire application.

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