Cellebrite Corporate Website Redesign

Revamping the Digital Front for Forensics Leaders

Role: Lead Designer
Industry: Digital Forensics, B2B
Device: Responsive Web
Year: 2020


As the vanguard of digital intelligence and investigative analytics, Cellebrite collaborates with global entities to revolutionize digital forensic procedures. The challenge was to redesign their website to reflect their leadership position, ensuring that it not only informs but engages its niche audience effectively.

Results & Impact

Significant User Engagement Growth: 26% increase in page views.

Improved User Experience Metrics: 21% decrease in bounce rate.

Brand Reinforcement:
Enhanced digital presence and strategic vision alignment through the introduction of the Resource Center and a visual overhaul.


The project addressed several critical challenges: the website's outdated design and technology were impeding efficient updates; brand elements required a refresh to resonate with contemporary aesthetics; user engagement was hampered by the absence of clear CTAs; and content gaps failed to adequately represent Cellebrite's extensive product suite and organizational verticals. Furthermore, the site lacked essential analytics mechanisms to track user behavior and engagement.


1. Content Overhaul: Auditing and updating site content

2. Modular Approach to Design: Template-based design for consistency and efficiency.

3. Visual Rebranding: High-fidelity mockups focusing on brand cohesion and updated UI elements.

4. Mega Menu: Enhanced user navigation based on insights from the discovery phase.

5. Resource Center: Addressed content gaps and established Cellebrite as an industry leader.



Stakeholder Engagement: Conducted interviews with key personnel, including marketing heads and lead developers. Established foundational strategy for the redesign project.


Content Audit and Information Architecture: Performed a thorough content audit to identify redundant or outdated content. Reorganized the website's structure for improved user navigation and alignment with business objectives.


Wireframe Development: Adopted a modular approach, creating templates for different page types. Focused on a unique design for the home page, tailored to meet specific business goals.


Visual Design Phase: Developed high-fidelity mockups for the home page and a mega menu. Updated the visual branding with new color schemes, UI elements, and content layouts.


The Cellebrite website redesign demonstrates the impact of holistic UX practices and collaborative stakeholder interactions. The project not only enhanced user engagement but also signified the company's commitment to innovation and growth. The establishment of the Resource Center and the alignment of design strategies with business goals catalyzed user satisfaction and business expansion.