Hey! I'm Patrick

As a seasoned Product Designer with nearly a decade of experience, I specialize in crafting user-centric experiences that resonate across a diverse range of products and industries. Currently thriving as a freelance designer, I collaborate with multiple clients on various projects, leveraging my expertise to bring innovative solutions to life. Though based in the Tri-State area, my passion for travel frequently takes me across the globe, enriching my work with diverse cultural insights and perspectives.

Previously, I led a team of talented designers as the Creative Lead at a digital agency, where I honed my skills in managing projects and driving creativity. My fascination with technology began in childhood, manifested by disassembling my father's computer to explore its intricacies—a curiosity that evolved into a career dedicated to understanding user needs and implementing data-driven design decisions.

My commitment to creating intuitive, impactful products is matched by my meticulousness and organization in developing design systems. I believe in the power of design to simplify complexities and enhance user experiences, making everyday interactions more enjoyable and efficient.

My Journey Through Design

My design journey sparked in high school with the creation of posters in Photoshop, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion. This interest dramatically evolved in college when I discovered web design, pivoting my focus towards crafting user-centric experiences. An early internship at Bucket Links further enriched my perspective, introducing me to the transformative power of strategic, data-driven design and laying the groundwork for my professional path.

The progression of my career saw significant growth at On-line Residential, where I ventured into front-end development alongside designing custom websites for real estate agencies—a blend of aesthetics and functionality. This dual capacity was further refined during my tenure as a Principal UX/Visual Designer in digital forensics, leading pivotal redesigns and developing intricate design systems. Each role served as a vital stepping stone, ultimately leading me to head a design team at a digital agency. Here, I navigated a variety of challenging projects, further defining my journey from graphic design to UX leadership, and molding me into a designer with a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of creating meaningful, user-driven digital experiences.

Adventures Beyond Designing

Away from the canvas of design, my world is one of adventure and exploration. Over the past four years, I've traveled to over 40 countries, indulging in the thrill of extreme sports like snowboarding, MMA, and surfing, and immersing myself in new cultures and languages. Fluent in Portuguese, with conversational skills in Spanish and Japanese, I relish the challenge of new experiences and the opportunity to see the world through diverse lenses. This pursuit of adventure and learning fuels my creativity, bringing a rich palette of insights and perspectives to my work as a designer.