About Me

My journey in design began at West Virginia University, where my initial foray into graphic design set the stage for a transition into the dynamic world of UI/UX. From the early days of crafting visuals for startups to driving user experience for mid-sized companies, my path has been one of continuous learning and adaptation.

One of my first roles involved front-end development for real estate agencies, where I learned to translate design into functional websites on the fly. This hands-on challenge fostered my love for acquiring new skills—a love that has become a cornerstone of my career growth. Today, as a seasoned Product Designer, I offer a decade of experience and a commitment to enhancing user interactions through thoughtful, data-driven design.

My Life Beyond Design

When the designer's hat comes off, I step into a world rich with adventure and discovery. I've traversed over 40 countries, each journey feeding my soul and the creative spirit within. Whether I'm carving through the slopes, dueling in MMA, or riding the crest of a wave, I pursue the thrill that comes with pushing boundaries.

Languages are another frontier I explore with fervor—fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Spanish and Japanese, I find joy in the challenge and cultural depth they bring. It's this same zest for learning and exploration that I bring back to my professional life, ensuring my designs are as vibrant and multifaceted as the world around us.